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Default Scamp... gone

About 2 weeks ago I was in Sacramento staying with my auntie and I spoke to my mum and she said Scamp wasnt doing so well. He couldnt walk properly, especially with his back legs.
Two days later she called again to say he had to be put to sleep
The vet thinks he had a spinal tumour

I wish I could have seen him once more because the last time I saw him was in June when I left... but I understand that it was best for him...
I havent really had the chance to think about it much because I dont think I let myself believe it when I was away...but today I went to get biscuits for the other dogs (my aunties dog and the puppy smudge -who isnt really a puppy anymore! -and arnie) and instead of getting 3 biscuits i got 4...

Anyway, jsut figured I would put this here as I think I posted more pictures of my dogs then anything else.

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