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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Christianity is nothing more than a bunch of shallow-minded idiots that are afraid to speak their mind and let their ever-changing religion get our country into as much trouble as it finds. negative...but true
i don't agree with this statement and heres why:
-Christianity is always changing, this is true. but it is becuase of the changing opinions of what ppl in the church think.
-years ago maybe, a fair amount of ppl probly would do something only because of what is in the bible or what the pope said.
-Today most christians agree with the church and on a large portion of issuse the church agrees with them, IMO the is because of what the ppl believe and not vise vera.

Not many ppl these days (at least in america and the first world) blindly follow the church. IMO the church does follow the ppl. The ppl aren't weakminded and pupeteered by the church, the ppl are for the most part independent of the church.
let me share a little bit of my personal experience.
-I was born catholic, baptized, church most sundays, first communion and all that jazz.
-when i was little, like every body else when they are little, i took my religion for granted.
-growing up i truely belived that God had a son Jesus, and Moses w/ the ten commandments, adam and eve, and all that.
-around probly 5th grade i was intoduced to the idea, (and understood some what) of nonliteral interperitation of the bible. This was very limited as it was really only that say "maybe" Noas arc wan't reall but it was a story God used to tell us things, so not a lie or a fabrication just a tool. t
-This didn't cause me to rexamine my beliefs or anything like that.
-through the beginning of middle school i came to the realization that i can't hear God, he doesn't talk to me, I can't see him or anything physical in any way. So how do i know he exists? while the church teaches faith and i think i still had some blind faith in me. I would think about it and kind of argue with my self, i sort of came to the conclusion that even if Christianity wasn't "right" as far as Jesus coming and what not, the belifs they teach didn't hurt anyone and who would it hurt to belive that?, what if it was right? if i didn't believe it would i have gone to Hell or something like that?
-I was lying to myself just for the sake of not changing what had already been and what was easy, plus i was genuinel scared. The entire time that this was going on as i learned further knowledge of what the church has/hasn't been and I was falling further and further away from 'faith' but still had a considerable amount.
-The only things i had left at the begining of highschool was not changing for the sake of not changing, and a some faith. This faith was mainly becuase the church happened to belive almost everything that i did about social issuses, really nothing more, but i still keept some blind faith. It is very very hard to abandom what you had belived and what had been pounded into you for years. Plus my family is Catholic especialy my cousin's family (immediate family) who i am very close to.
-At that time i still would have called myself catholic, and i was going to a catholic school, and a catholic church.
-Freshman year it all came together, in Religion class we learned about differen't theories on the bible and the one thing that most noticeably killed what faith I had left was that my teacher tryed to reason to the class that maybe the Jesus miracle of the fish into 100's of fish was really a miracle of ppl sharing what they had and making every thing workout. It wasn't the idea it was the blaitent attempt to rationalize the 'divine' that out me in the most akward position ever.
===on one hand, could say that maybe it was and w/e, which would mean that maybe none of the miracles were true, but my faith was telling me that they were true. On the other hand i could say no they were true ur wrong, but I didn't truely believe this and couldn't say it. I belive that that by the end of that day 95% of my blief on any level was gone.
-later i was lerning about the differnet injustuces of the church the perrils of blind faith and all of that, discrepencies in the bible and the man madeness of it all.
-From that point on I was really just in it on the cultural level of my community. but that made me feel guilty like i was lying to myself, and to every body elese.
(don't worry if uv been reading alng this is the last part)
-not since seventh grade had i really alowed by belifs to tell me what to do in any meaningful way, but the final part of me that still trying to maintain the former status quo died probly only three weeks ago.

-I found my self at a nonoptional school mass and was just going along with what was going on to be polite/and w/e for the whole first part of the mass. When communion came around (where you eat the eucharist) a minister (not the priests) gave the usual foreword about recieving a blessing, the approximately same on that i had heard for 15 years. some thing like
"If you are catholic you may come forward at this time and recive eucharist, if you don't belive as we (the church) then we request that you instead recieve a blessing"
this was a perdicament for me, i didn't belive in my heart that it was really the body of christ and that it was anyhting more than a pice of bread, but i went along with it and as i have done for years recieved communion and ate it, but this time with no faith at all, the bread tasted and was the exact same as usual.
-my faith was completely gone in all forms, not that it had really been anything meaningful in my life right before then

Now i am here, I go to a catholic school, my family belings to a catholic church (my family is by no means 'strict' catholics at all) and I don't belive in any of it, but im supposed to be "confirmed" (a sacrament) a catholic in a year and every body but some of my immediate family members thinks im catholic..... i feel like im lying if i just go with the flow.....

that is my experience
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