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Default Hacking (yeah right)

(its a biggie, read all of it to be wise against hacking threats)
It occured to me that a lot people threaten websites and people by saying they're going to hack them and all unless they do what they are told.

for the most part, this is bullshit!

-first of all, they are probably bluffing when they say that they have your IP address and accessible ports (if they even know what that is)

-second of all, even if they had your IP address, then what are they going to do? Ping your computer to death!? (dont worry about it if u dont get it)

-if they really had a utility, or trogan to help gain access over you computer, then they wouldn't be telling u that they were gonna attack (trust me! I'd attack first, plant the resource I needed, and then tell them that I have access to their computer - of course, Im a good boy, so I would do that )

-to even get a trogan on your computer or server that allows them to compromise the system, they would have to be an elite hacker (AKA: '1337 H4X0R's) and then THEY WOULDNT GO FOR THE SMALL FRIES (you) THEYD GO FOR THE BIGGIES! (government agencies that have vast networks and access codes to almost every host in their district)

-unless they have gained incredible knowledge about computers everyday since they were 6, then they probably wont even be a expert hacker...

in short: dont believe someone that is threatening u with hacking... if they do, jus ask them to prove it. (thats what I do all the time! I LOVE reading the excusses they come up with!

*i might add on to this with more posts when i have more time

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