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Default Hey, I'm Rowan. Please don't cry for me.

Hey, I decided I'm leaving this forum for good. I'd like my ip to be banned. This forum's community sucks, heh.. No offense, there is some cool people.. But, for the most part you guys are total drama queens.

The only people that come to mind that were even half ok were: Nykole, Kiros(who sometimes gets caught up in his own thunder), Adam and SidVicious. There's many more that were pretty cool, but I can't think of them right now.

Anyway, the forum's age average is like 13.. And let me tell you, it shows. EVERYTHING IS FILTERED ON THESE FORUMS! That's one thing that's UBER gay. Unless you're an oldie(Which shouldn't make a difference, but omg guess what! It does!) you can't have feelings that aren't the same as someone else's.

You drama queens need something bad to actually happen to you so you can have a valid reason to complain. Fuck, let me tell you, you'll love it. I mean, if you like spending this much time complaining over nothing imagine how much fun you can have complaining over something REAL!

"omg lol that happened to m3 2.. OMG.. Jus sit it out lol bcuz u knoe wen its ova ull be glad u did k? omg i wuz suicidal once bcuz my mum wudnt let me giev my bf a hj n like it iz not wurth it k?"

God fuckin forbid anyone says "Grow up." Or laughs at the retard.. Oh no! This is VT where your everybody are sheep! YAY! SHEEP!

The rep system is retarded, the people are close minded and it's just generally not worth being a member in. Then again, what would you expect from a community ran by 13 year olds.

Everybody gets so caught up in feeling sorry for each other and trying to make the other happy that all realism is lost. Whoever I took a shot at's friends are going to be like "OMG THAT IZ SO NOT TRU U DUN KNOE HEM!!!" and then my whole thread will either be deleted or butchered by some mod who thinks he's better than everyone else.

-Rowan, have fun feeling sorry for each other -- I'm out.

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