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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
what pacifist additude? We have been agressive since the dawn of time. Its time to become peceful. Good lord its like you want there to be pain. Fuck you man. You don't understand suffering apparently. I've been striving so hard these past months to help sustain peace and suvility in my life, and I reolize that this is a faild dream. In fact, I should kill myself, there is no reason to survive. Thats all I'm doing, surviving, from day to day, never happy, never content. Just sad. I turn on the telivision, and people are spewing hatred. VT - hatred. My family, hatred. My work. Hatred. My lonliness, and my struggles, just supplying to my own self hatred. You people. You awful voilent people. I wish a thousand awful things unto you all! You and your hatred, taste your own shit.

FUCK IRAQ, nah man that aint cool! Lets kill us some terrorists! ALLAH ALLAH.

What makes us better then them? You foolish children! Nothing! We are piss, and they are shit! We are just a different kind of awful. WEre fat ass, unhealthy, greedy, stingy, sick ass corrupt bastards ruled by lies!

I'm reolizing more and more your just going to laugh at this post. But fuck you man, I might be crazy, and incoherent, and twitchy! But tahts why I'm on this site. And just let it be known, and mentally and physically handicapped 16 year old, has more morailty then an entire room of infidels.

Burn on earth you sacks of shit. All of your pro violence will get you noware. He who lives by the sword dies by it my friend. And after a few xanax and packs of cig's, I won't even remember this conversation. Of course, thats one of my handicaps. completly forgetting this ever happend. JOY! I look forward to forgetting all of your names by tomarrow.

To bad this greedy corupt evil war monger nation gives the world and starving countrys more aid than most of the world combined. Who was the first ones in mogadishu to help the starving people thats right us. Who was the ones that came back to take out the warlord that was taking all the food and caused the deaths of 300,000 people, AND started killing U.N peacekeepers, thats right us. Even though we pulled out because our president was a pussy, our soldiers there were fighting 10,000s of 1000's of somalians they killed 19 of us we killed over 1000 of them. Our guys were outnumbered 100 to 1. We have been in numerous battles and wars over things no other country would even think of fighting for yeah thats right OTHER people, there is even some country in the caribean that our soldiers fought and protected the people from being taken over they first asked brittan and of course they refused so here comes america. Now the people there have a thank america day. You say some pretty hateful words there Kolte, I thought you guys were all about diversity of opinions? O yeah and pasifist kill no one attitude will get you nowhere. Read cmpcmp's post above me for more info.
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