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Originally Posted by kolte View Post
i would never shoot either one of them. But I suppose a deer would be the most civil. It all depends on the definition of terrorist. I could be considered a terrorist. I'm part of a few organizations that some right wingers consider terrorist. SUch as The American Way. I'm also and enviornmentalist, and I've taken steps that are against the law, that could be considerd terrorist. I'm not religious, but thats totally irrelevent when it comes to terrorism. We profile terrorists as muslim, but there are many different terrorists.
No we dont profile terrorists as muslim just almost all of the terrorists in the world are muslim. I can garentee your not a terrorist, you dont go flying planes into buildings do you?

Originally Posted by mrojas2000 View Post
I agree.. in venezuela there are many assosiations that are terrorist... but they don't go doing things agains the wall.. they shoot people
I would shoot a terrorist, because as kolte said, would be the most civil, and right thing to do... I don't wanna kill anyone, not even if I fucking hate them so much... I would rather first kill myself, than taking out someone elses life, since I don't know how are they, why they bother me, if they have a good life, and stuff...
So yeah, I would rather shoot a deer.
Would you kill somone in self defense?
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