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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

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Im 15, and why are you so offensive on every single post of yours. i wass reading some of ur past posts, and u say some very very offensive things. Why?
I speak my mind, if I don't agree with what you say, you will hear about it.
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Here's a tip:

Just ignore him.

I used to spend lots of time wondering why people decided to be jerks (not Ravenous specifically ;D, but lots of people), and it only got me more angry. Then I realized: Be apathetic.
Ignoring me will probably mess up debates and you will not see lots of the important points I make
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Also, tim is not a jerk. his statements are true and factual. he actually manages to back up his info instead of exploiting outrageous amounts of bs
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