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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by rackemup12 View Post
When ever I jerk off my balls like move around and make a really loud clap noise. This just started happening recently. Does this happen to any one else? Im 16 btw
Yeah, it happens to quite a few teenagers/men, especially when your body/balls are warm. They tend to hang lower, thus allowing them to move around a bit more, creating that clapping/slapping sound.
Perfectly normal.

Originally Posted by edward452 View Post
Whenever I jack off, I often shoot my cum as high as my penis head. But then again, I only get precum after orgasm and during watching porn. Is this normal?
Not sure I understand the question you're asking here.
The precum is perfectly normal, before or after orgasm.
If you're meaning that your semen is clear, like the stuff that comes out during an orgasm, then yes, that's also normal. Your body just isn't making enough sperm to turn your ejaculate white.
If I completely missed the question, feel free to restate it.

Originally Posted by xyrin View Post
i need tips on masturbation. i don't know how. and please don't say "just pump" or somthing obvious like that.

The rules on this site actually forbid us from giving tips on masturbation, but I can give you a link to this site:
It has quite a few masturbation tips, and different techniques that you can use.

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