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Default Re: omg, i really need help!

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
I disagree with the whole "permission to dance with others". What's he going to do, dance alone? Dance with other guys? I'm sorry but if being in a relationship means no fun time with other girls it's not worth it. My best friends is a girl, this intimidates my girlfriends but they accept it because I have her as my best friend for fun not for sex.
Exactly... having rules its just stupid. Having a gf, doesnt mean you can't have fun with other girls (you know what I mean!! [NOT sex])
This might make your girl jealous, but I'm SURE that they also talk with guys or might want to dance with other guys, other than him... what if he's bad at dancing and shes good, and she just can't stand dancing with someone like that??
Just have fun, and love your girl, make her understand, and everything will go just fine!!

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