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Default Re: VT is still broken and it huts me deep inside *sob*

Ah... Well, that's for the safety of the server and priority of members already browsing VT. The server load is basically how much strain is on the server. A value of 1.00 or below is great; 1.01-1.80 is average; 1.81-2.00 is a demand on the server; 2.01-3.00 is very demanding; 3.01+ is something to be worried about when it's been several minutes at that level. The recommended reasonable value for the server load safety (when the forums deny access to anyone else) is 5.00. I set ours to 5.50 when I upgraded the forums.

Before, we have had the safety set to 0, which disables it. At that time, the lag sometimes got so bad that being denied access would have been better than waiting 20 minutes for the page to load. I have seen the server load up at 14 before, and I don't ever want to see that again. As I described before, even a load such as 3.50 for a prolonged time is bad news.

If this is a huge inconvenience, I'll raise the server load to 7.50. Please try to cut down on high demanding activities (such as searches or constant viewing of "Who's Online") if you sense any lag.

To help the server load decrease, I have disabled immediate changes and certain checks (including viewed threads, attachments, ratings, and subscriptions). Please do not start complaining about these things - yes, viewed threads will not make forums automatically show as read, but you may double click the forum's icon to mark it as read.

As another note, if you visit this site often, please do not keep massive amounts of subscriptions - the checks they run are very server-intensive. If you do have some and you don't use them, please delete them and set your options to not subscribe after replies. This, itself, should help out the server load tremendously, however, it will require users to act for anything to happen.

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