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Default Re: omg, i really need help!

Originally Posted by -You.Suck.I.Rule- View Post
why did you dance with four other girls? why didnt you and your gf set rules for the relationship...such as you can do this, this, but not that, etc. you shouldn't have danced with another girl without having talked to ur gf to make sure it was okay for either one of you to dance with other people.

the word 'love' is thrown around too much. honestly. learn the meaning of the word love before you use it.

if you like the other girl though, your not gonna feel content with ur girl. its best to see whats on the other side imo.
I disagree with the whole "permission to dance with others". What's he going to do, dance alone? Dance with other guys? I'm sorry but if being in a relationship means no fun time with other girls it's not worth it. My best friends is a girl, this intimidates my girlfriends but they accept it because I have her as my best friend for fun not for sex.
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