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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

war is hell.
it sucks.
its 2006 now. Time to go on offense. Screw this pacifist attitude that weve had for so long
while our embasys, ships, and citizens get blown up every 3 months without any payback.

Iraq ? Afghan ? Down at my local walmart ? dont matter to me where they are. Eliminate them
now before they come over here and do it again. So they hate us you say ? Good. Making enemies
around the world you say ? So what. I recall a 100% standing ovation, 100% total commitment,
and 100% support to the comment that was made in remember it.. ??? ....
'Youre either with us or youre with the terrorists.' simple as that.

No, Im not a war monger. I dont thrill at killing. But its either them or us, I chose them.

Some people need to grow a backbone, bite their lip, because war is hell, it aint pretty, mistakes
are made, shit happens. It happened in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and every other war or
action we've been in.

We help out more countries with aid and support than nearly all the other nations of the whole
globe combined. Where is the UN ? Here! Why is that you think ? When shit happens around the
world, who sends the stuff ? We do. Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong. We're not
perfect. But like it or not we're the big brother on the block. Deal with it. Or else, dont come running
when you need your country rid of enemy invaders next time. How soon nations have forgotten.
Forgotten about WWI, WWII, and now 9/11.

Republican , Democrat, Independant ? Dont matter to me. We all bleed red. Lot of red on 9/11
that needs some dealing with. Yes, payback. Eye for an eye now. Oh I guess we could all build
a bonfire, get all the leaders around the world in some meetings and sing happy happy joy joy songs
and lick each others butss, but fact is. That aint gonna stop the evil from wanting to kill us.

Im thankful I live in a country where I can disagree with anyone, and say so and nobody comes
to my house and burns it down, chops off my head, and drops my body in the street. Because those
are the people we're talking about here. evil killers. Personally, for my deisre, we CANT kill enough
of them, until they're ALL gone. 10 years..20 years..100 years..dont matter to me.. get em all.

But mostly, what Im most thankful for today, here and now is this..

THANK we didnt have all these wuss' pacifist types back in 41' The U.S. would be called Western
Germany right now, and the text youre reading this second would either not exist at all, or would be in

And just for you politicaly correct libs that love picking apart my sentences (makod) no I am not talking about ALL muslims just the exteamists which are a small minority.

U.S was going to run into militant Islam somtime.

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