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Default Re: The Dumaniz (name may change)


I ran, of course, to the bathroom. He couldn't get in there. What had he done to me? I'd be the laughing stock of the grade-no, school. This. Just. Sucked.
The door started to open, and I fell silent. No one had to know I was in there.
"Ro? Are you in here?" it was Kim. Slowly, I exited the stall.
"What happened back there? Are you and Shamus-,"
"NO! WE ARE NOT GOING OUT! DON'T YOU DARE EVER EVEN THINK THAT IN MY PRESENCE, KIM!" I practically screamed. I wanted to go home. Badly. Maybe I'd just go to the nurse, and fake Cramps. That usually worked. Maybe I'd just gag myself and throw up. Oh…wait…no one could pick me up. That wouldn't work. Darn it.
"Well…you might wanna come back out soon, Ro. Your lunch is getting cold," Kim said, examining her lipstick in the mirror. She quickly took out her shade of Mauve Nights and did a touch up. Truthfully, I didn't think she even cared about me. All she wanted to do was get back to the café, to stare at her crush. Yeah. Shamus.
"I don't give a crap about my lunch, Kim," I said, anger bubbling to the surface. "I wanna get the hell out of here. I'm embarrassed beyond my wits; it looks like I just made out with Shamus Freak Fest Dougal, and you don't even care! I hope you break out in acne, Kim. You're a slutty friend, and I don't know why I'm even friends with you."
She gave me a look that said, "I don't care" and turned around again, applying heaps of eyeliner. I began to walk to the door. Maybe I would just go to the nur-
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I heard from the bathroom. Running in, I saw Kim. Her face was completely covered with zits. She looked hideous.
"You!! You did this to me! Bitch! I hope you die, Ro! I hate you!" she cried, clawing her face and running out. I let my lips twitch into a smile and walked back to the lunch room, content with the curse I had seemingly set upon Kim.

Yes, as weird as it is and as much it felt like my insides were being sucked out, I felt sorry for Ro. I mean, last night she passed out. Then today I embarrassed her in front of everyone and- wait, I wasn’t that sorry for her. I was just really afraid of myself. Was I turning into some kind of freak?
I remembered the lightning storm. It had made both Rowena and I pass out… maybe she was gaining powers, too, I thought. The thought of me not being alone soothed me, but the fact that the only other person with the same burden was Rowena deeply put me off. Who could I talk to? “Hey, Dad, I can control metal objects, like, it’s sort of like I’m an electromagnet…. When did this start happening to you in puberty?” Ha ha. I laughed at my own inner joke.
I sat on my bed, curled up, staring at my Harry Potter posters. The fact that I was the only person in the school who wasn’t looked down upon for being a fan of it made me feel special. But, of course, it was only because I never told anyone I like it.
I looked in the mirror to see myself staring back, not looking any different than usual, except for the new cowlick. That would be my third. It is on my right side of my head, in the front. My face is short, and I have large, prominent cheekbones. I have long, 70’s style strawberry-blonde hair, (which isn’t really my natural hair color; my real hair color is black). It comes down to my eyebrows, which are strangely blonde and look nonexistent. I studied my appearance, turning my attention back to me where it usually was. And then I realized I was very hungry. I slipped off the bed and meandered downstairs.
Then another peculiar thing happened. When I walked past the refrigerator, my hair stood up on end. It wasn’t particularly cold; my mother actually keeps the first floor too warm. I paused. I took a step backwards so I was standing right in front of the fridge.
You know the feeling your clothes get as they hang off of you when they’re full of static? Well, for no reason whatsoever, my clothes felt exactly like that. Then my right side started to tingle. My feet felt like they were moving. I looked down and, well, they were. Then I was against the refrigerator. It was as if I was glued to it. I could unpeel myself from my fridge, and that is a sentence I hoped I would never have to say.
So I was stuck there. I made a soft noise. The magnets were moving all over the refrigerator now. When one touched me, it would slide onto my skin. The magnetic poetry words were going up my shirt! I cursed the lightning storm. “Damn.” Because of it, I had to write down to sentences I hoped I’d never say.

Finally. The school day ended. Thank. God. It went on too long. People kept staring at me like I was a freak. And they were giving me blindfolds. Everyone who had been at my lunch handed me their blindfolds back. I was so mortified. Science passed, and then I had study hall. I still didn't see Kim. Good for her, I hoped she would choke. Of course, she'd have to get better, or else she'd died, and then I'd be a murderer.
Anywho, once I got off the bus, I didn't even look at Shamus (his stop is the same as mine because he lives across the street…I know, lucky me). I just took out my key (I had found my own, and thankfully, it wasn't raining), and slipped inside. I'd start my homework later. Like always.
I ran up the stairs to my room to get online. I live on my computer. Instant messenger, forums, chats, blogs…those phony little quizzes telling you who you're going to end up with for the rest of your life…it's all so neat!
So I had just logged onto a load of different sites, and was talking to my e-pal from North Dakota when I saw something on my through my window.
I quickly typed that I'd be right back, opened my window, and hopped through. Luckily, it didn't have a screen. The thing on my roof was a rabbit. A little bunny to be exact. I had no clue how it got up there, and I wondered how it would get down. Apparently, so did it. It's eyes were wide and frightened, and it was shivering.
Well, my heart just broke for it, so without a moment's thought, I went towards it.
Note to self: Don't try and walk down a roof in January after snow. It's slippery. And that's exactly what I did. I slipped, and started to fall. Off the roof. With a scream stuck in my through, I kept falling until I was off the ledge. On the third floor. Oh yeah, my room's in the attic.
I was sure I'd break my legs, or ankle, or arm, or…something else, but suddenly, I stopped. I was floating-in midair! Scratch that, I was flying! To either side of me were wings. Beautiful wings, at least 13 feet across. I had a wingspan! Giddy with joy, I lowered myself to the ground.
Then, a thought hit me. Did anyone see me? I didn't need anyone else thinking I was a freak. I looked to Mrs. Mecready's house, Mr. Donwiler's house, and then to Shamus'. The first two were still at work. But Shamus saw. He was standing at his living room window, the curtains parted. Once he saw me look over, he dashed back inside.
Angry for the umpteenth time today, I stormed over to his house and knock furiously on the door.
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