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Default Las Vegas Lights

I'm writing a story. I justs started and am no where close to done. I will post this in smaller pieces so it's easier to read, I reserve the right to double post in here.

Chapter 1

The sound of slot machines dinging, and yelling middle aged men, who were losing there money. Those were the sounds Drake heard every day, as he came home from school.
He was home. The Silver Castle, the newest and largest hotel casino in the world, was Drake Coppocelli’s home. His dad was George Coppocelli, the head of the wealthy Coppocelli Empire that now ruled the city of Las Vegas. Drake, his sister Veronica, and their dad lived on the 35th floor of The Silver Castle. It was a large 3,500 square foot penthouse, with a modern design. The large windows gave an immense view of the beautiful city, far below.
Drake and Veronica attended Oasis View Junior High, which was the most prestigious school in Las Vegas, not to mention the most expensive. Veronica was in the 7th grade, while Drake was in the 8th. Generally they would be picked up from school in a limo, driven by Jaquese. Jaquese was a very proper English man, he moved to the United States 5 years ago. He has been the Coppocelli limo driver since he moved.
Veronica waited in the limo after school talking to Jaquese; she was always waiting for Drake. He finally showed up and got into the limo.
“What took you so long this time?” she asked exasperated.
“Oh, Andréa and I were talking,” as he pulled out his ringing cell phone. “It’s her, I have to take this.”
“Ever since you became this girl’s boy toy, she is all you talk about!” Veronica yelling was so out of place, at the quiet school that everyone started to stare into the window. She then took the phone out of his hands and threw it onto the red bricks that paved the road; it smashed into a million little pieces. Drake gave her the evil eye.
“Are you two ready to go home?” Jaquese blurted out during the short moment of silence. They both nodded.
The rest of the ride home was completely silent. Drake and Veronica both just stared out the window. Neither of them spoke. When they arrived home Drake got out of the limo and slammed the door into Veronica’s face.
“Thanks Jaquese.” Veronica said quietly as she exited the limo slowly. There was no sight of Drake. She figured he went storming up to his room pouting. As she walked through the silver sliding doors into the large hotel she looked over to the left and saw Drake talking to one of the new interns who was working the check-in counter.

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