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Originally Posted by Rent-2-Pwn View Post
Gigabyte is a good manufacturer. My heatsink and i-RAM are made by them. Can't comment on their motherboards though. Seems like your staying toward the lower end of things. If thats the max your budget permits I suggest saving up some more and get an ASUS board that has PCI-E, 4 RAM slots, and a socket 939.

I would like that, infact i would love that, but i only use it for surfing the web 99% of the time, the RAM, graphics card, processor, everything is all less than a year old.

So i just want a cheap-ish board with socket 754, 3 ram slots, agp graphics, SATA and thats about it.

Ive got about 3 boards in my cupboard, all broken lol, one good one, its an MSI one, brilliand board, wont power on now

I do have £100 so i could push the buget to £65 perhaps (got to save some to go to the movies with a special someone )

But for now i shall keep looking at what i can get, thanks for all the input guys
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