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Default The Dumaniz (name may change)

Hello, I've posted this story before but it got deleted after the hacking. So Catie and I will gradually post everything that was up her before the hacking and then the rest of the story.

Isn't it odd how one day, you're completely fine, and the next day, your whole world is turned upside-down? Now, sure, this may happen to tons of teenagers world-wide, but my story is different. Oh, it's Shamus' story, too, but he doesn't count right now. Right now, I'm telling you this. My version of the story.
It all started one day during school. High School. God, I hate that place. It's not that I'm a freak with no friends. No, I'm actually (if it doesn't sound too much like bragging) quite popular. School wasn't that bad for me. My grades were decent, my friends were awesome, I was popular, I was at the top of my game in Volleyball (always have been)…so what was there to go wrong?
Well, all of a sudden, my body started wigging out on me. And I don't mean puberty. I don't know what happened, exactly, to tell you the truth. It's not that I don't like it. Heck no. I've been dreaming something like this would happen since…well, since I figured out life would have no adventure in it, and would turn into a total bore-fest.
I guess it all started back when we had that little…incident, yesterday…

Hey, Ro, don’t hog the story! That’s Rowina. I’m Shamus Oliver Dougal. And I actually know exactly what Ro is talking about.
See, back in ninth grade, me and her became mortal enemies. And let me remind you, when a loser and a popular person are enemies, the popular person always comes out on top, but when two popular people hate each other, things get quite nasty. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. Somehow, she started a rumor about me, accident or on purpose, so I got my revenge by telling everyone how at one of her parties, her little sister let me read her diary, and how it was filled with talk of Joey Trussel. She was fuming. I thought it was hilarious. I know it was mean, but I still think it’s hilarious! Sorry, Ro, but it was funny how you ran into the girls bathroom sobbing and everything…
Okay, off topic. So, in our freshman year, both our bodies started going all wonky. And again, it was NOT PUBERTY. We didn’t know how we had the same problem, and if we did, we’d probably be afraid of each other.
So, back to our A-plot….

Do not bring up that party, Shamus, or so help me god…I'm STILL fuming at Fran for doing that…
Anywho, I think it all started when the both of us got off the bus that one day. It was pouring down rain, and I had forgotten my house key. Fran gets home an hour or two later than I did, and Mom and Dad weren't home yet. So Shamus invited me to his house to dry off. It was waaaay out of character for him to be so kind, but nonetheless, I took the invitation. It was better than standing in the rain until 3:30, right?
I hoped so.
So he got me a towel, and told me to wait in the living room. His mom's a neat freak, so the place was super clean. Then, something funky happened to the house. The lights started flashing on and off rapidly. By this point, Shamus was back, but that didn't stop what was happening. At first, I only thought it was the storm, but it was more than that. Suddenly, my mind and back was hit with pain so intense, I screamed. I lost all sense of what was going on around me and passed out. I didn't even know what happened to Shamus. I must've woken up a couple minutes later, because by that time, it had stopped raining and Mom was home. So I left.

Sorry Ro! Ha… okay, finally going back on topic.
So when Ro screamed, I got really afraid. Not that I cared if she was dying, but I just didn’t want a dead person in my house in general. So, I rushed over to her fallen body, and as much as it deeply pained me to do, I touched her neck with two fingers. She had a pulse. I drew my hand away and went to wash my hands. I couldn’t have slut germs all over me, now could I? But when I touched the running water, I got shocked. It was like sliding down a slide on a hot day in shorts. I exclaimed “Ow!” and I sucked on my stung fingers.
I went over to the phone to call an ambulance, but I touched the phone and I got shocked again. But it wasn’t static. It felt very intense and painful, like 10,000 watts of electricity. I just held the phone and stood there, grunting loudly. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t open my mouth. I couldn’t move at all. I just went totally rigid. Then, all the knives in the knife holder started rising up. I could see the blades when the electricity ceased. I dropped the phone, which broke on the floor. As you can probably infer, I was extremely confused of why my hair wasn’t singed off, or why I was even alive. I held out an arm to push the knives back in, but before I touched them they all slid into their slots.
Suddenly I felt very drowsy, and I fainted on the spot…. And, well, that’s basically what happened.

I am going to ignore all insults in that, and pretend you never even thought that.
It wasn't until the next day at school that my abnormalities kicked into gear. I was having a crappy day. It was horrible. I had just found out in math that I would most likely fail the quarter, in language, we had to read Call of the Wild by Jack London (I don't not like that book), and I was almost driven insane by all the numbers in my hour long Spanish class. It was horrible.
Finally, at lunch, I got to hang out with my friend, Kim. She's not in any of my classes, so granted, I was thankful to see her.
"Is this day sucky, or is it just me?" I asked, joining her in the lunch line.
"I'm having a great day," she replied, picking up a veggie burger. She's a health freak. I'm not, so I just placed a corn dog on my plate and groaned at her. I was about to say something else, but I got distracted by my bracelet. It had started moving on my wrist.
Thoroughly creeped out at this point, I tried to pull it off, but the force pulling it became so strong, I was dragged over to one of the guys in my grade. Things happened so fast that I didn't see who it was until after my arm was around his shoulder and it looked like I was about to kiss him.
"Well Ro, this is definitely a change of attitude," he said in that cool, laid-back, stupid way he has that just infuriates me. I was aware of all eyes on me and slipped my wrist out of my bracelet to back away.
God, I wished everyone had blindfolds. Please, please, please. I was so speechless I closed my eyes and kept backing away. Soon, after a couple of protests from my peers, I opened my eyes again. To my surprise, everyone had blindfolds on. How strange…and embarrassing. Mortified, I ran out of the cafeteria.
Well, I woke up about an hour after I passed out. My mom and dad were luckily not home yet, and I had no worries about siblings either. But I felt very sick that night, so I just went to my room and read Harry Potter and slept. I couldn’t care less about homework, as if geometry is going to help me…
The next day, it wasn’t half bad. Lucky for me, we had a substitute for geometry and he didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Around lunchtime, My hands started aching and I felt tired. I sat eating my turkey sandwich on wheat bread with baked potato chips (I’m being forced on a diet for soccer).
Then something very odd happened. My iron keychain on my backpack was standing straight up as if an invisible hand was gently pulling on it. Over in the lunch line, Ro started having hand spasms. Then she came closer and closer. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder. I was terrified! My best friend, Matt, who always joined into my conversations about how stupid Ro is, was staring at me, awed and appalled at the same time. I blurted out “Well, Ro, this is definitely a change of attitude.” Matt laughed.
Ro was absolutely mortified. She buried her hands in her face. My hair over my hears and on the back of my head was twitching… then everything went black. I said “What the-?” stupidly. I groped at my head. I felt cloth. I ripped off a handkerchief, and I stared at it like the answer to who put it on me was written on it, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Ro storming out, crying.
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