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I just thought id clear it up for people who think you HAVE to have sex in order to get this disease.
In all honesty this is more of a disease, than an STD, its actually a virus.
You can get HPV from your mother, if she gave birth to you, and she had it.
You can also get it by sharing towels, or things with people.
Any kind of contact of that such, like sharing pants, or such.
Also, this kind of cancer it causes is really serious, and it isnt that rare, something like 6,000 people a year are diagnosed, I dont remember exactly, but its a highish number.
And, there is no treatment for this, it usually goes away on its own, but there are over 100 types, and only a few are the types that involve cancer.
So, more than likely it will go away on its own after about two years, if it doesnt then there may be cause for concern.
If you have anymore questions, I do know a lot more!

I hope I helped a little.

crumbcakengaligator <3
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