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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Cmpcmp boy, pick up a book on are just making yourself look stupid.
Im making myself look stupid by....? it seems like you never say anything constructive as said by xTheLordsServantx.
Originally Posted by redcar View Post
now i dont want to argue anymore so dont ask me any more questions.
Were on a discussion board about religion.......

plus one of the reasons that some ppl "hate" christianity is that it has become so liberal (not in a political sense, necesarily) that you can really believe almost anything that you want and you will still be accepted as a christian. To go one step further the Bible can be interpereted almost however you want, and can justify a ton of things that aren't acceptable in todays
"first world society" using it. (as opposed to "third world").

IS there a second world? cuz no one ever says second world.
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