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Originally Posted by Makod View Post
Brought to you by the hard workers in China and Vietnam, which, I believe, are not Capitalist countries.
Capitalism isn't really a form of governemnet so much as an ideology on how the market should work, and in all of the countries that you list they may not be democratic, very free market, and the workers don't have many rights. So they aren't really capitalisitic, but they are all striving for more money, maximized profits and such. Plus i think the point made by who ever made the origional statement (i can't remember who) was made about if every country in the world was C-A,

PS. is there international trade in C-A?? (lol kolte jk)
How can u argue for a form of government and not be able to awnser even basic questions about it? I could definitely give atleast a very general awnser for each question for each in relation to democratic-capitalism (as opposed to dictorial-capitalism or thoecratic)

can u atleast try and awnser some of the below more basic questions about C-A, the way that you think that it should be run.

-are there laws? if so are there inforcers?
-do ppl get free access to the supplies/resourses of the community? can they be shut off from it?
-(i still don't know as ur posts seem to contradict) is there some kind of money?
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