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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by redcar View Post
i am not going to argue my opinion on religion with you, because its something that will be a waste of time to do. its my opinion, i know its all abstract and weird but its just how i view it. and i dont want to get into a debate over it.
ok fine, but just awnser one question then

-How do you decide what's a "cult-like" religion and what isn't, as long as they believe what they do is right and good?

keep in mind, u said

this is my view on religion. there is no religion that is supreme or that is above any other. i believe that all religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. we are worshipping the same the same being. i dont hold any religion above any other. i am a Catholic, but i dont believe it above any other, but equal.

now that cult thingabout going around and doing bad things isn't right. as long as people try to live their lives good, then its ok.
according to you, your religious beliefs don't trump theirs.
pluz couldn't Gods intelect be able to decide things that you youyrself couldn't reason?
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