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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

War because of of 3 soilders its just STUPID
If u really belive that the war in Lebanon happed souly because of three soldiers then you really are very ignorant. Hezbola (the target of the war) has hated Israel since the day it was created, it was created to kill Israel, and have been attacking them ever since then. It is because of the constant attacks from hezbola against israel, and the promise of more that the war started, the three soldiers were just somewhat of the final straw that caused israel to attack Hezbola.

To try and say that that war was cused by the capture of three soldiers is a gross oversimplification that if not clarified is basicly a lie.

The fact of the matter is that hezbola is bent of Destryoing Israel and what it stands for. To allow a group like that to freely exist unchecked, is a terruble thing to do. Unless your the kind of "pacifist" that supports in-action and just laying down and taking it.
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