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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by redcar View Post
this is my view on religion. there is no religion that is supreme or that is above any other. i believe that all religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. we are worshipping the same the same being. i dont hold any religion above any other. i am a Catholic, but i dont believe it above any other, but equal.

now that cult thing about going around and doing bad things isn't right. as long as people try to live their lives good, then its ok.
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ok, what religion is, is" A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader." according to
In yout belifs and practices there are certian things you must do and other things that you must not do (sins in christianity). If you belive that not helping a dying person that you can save is a sin then you are religiously obligated to do so.

Modens day islamic extremism is a religion (a sect anyways), and they think that they glorify God and his wishes by doing what they belive that they are religiously obligated to do. Unfortunately for us ppl who aren't in their religion they belive that we must be converted by force and or be killed so we don't spread our belif/nonbelief. Who is to say that what they do isn't good and what we do is, using the rational that if u truthfully belive that what you are doing is bringing you closer to your "god" it can't really be wrong.

This brings us to my reall point. CONFLICTING BELIEFS(emphasis added)
-Christians belive that it is their religious duty to be christian and worship God (as they see him)
-Islamic extremists belive the same about there religon
-Islamic extremists belive that GOD wants them to kill anyone who won't convert

which means that they will kill any and all christians, and both sides are only doing what GOD wants them to do. You can't argue with GODS will.

SO who is to say who is wrong? if muslim extremists are trying only to save others and themselves, spiritualy (souls? do they belive in souls like christians IDK) how can they be at fault? according to ur reasoning no one is and we will just be at war forever, unless i missed something.

If what you belive is that what God wants can be reasoned, then you don't need a religion to tell you what God wants.
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