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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Now could you kindly tell me why YOUR religion is correct out of the 10000's of 1000's of religions out there excluding all rival sects of course. 2. why would I put complete blind faith into anything, that I cant see touch hear. How about this I bet that if your parents never taught you christianity as a child you would never believe what you do. if a child is not taught any religious crap as a child they will regect religion everytime since its not burned into them as a child and is COMPLETLY against everything in the world and common logic, thats my theory

1. He thinks it's the right one to pick, probably because of faith.
2. Yeah, we can't literally hear or see God, and there's no cold hard evidence (Yes, TheLordsServant, I'll look up that book.) But Christians believe in God because they feel that he exists. They feel him there spiritually, though on Earth God takes no physical shape or form. And actually, being raised with certain beliefs doesn't always mean that you'd believe that for the rest of your life. For instance, my friend was raised Catholic and even went to Catholic school, but she's an atheist. Also, my father was raised with atheist parents and his brothers and sisters also are atheist, but he believes in God. See? It depends on the person.
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