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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
redcar, is this to say that there is no "right" religion? how could u belive that God truley will love you and send you to heaven if you follow by one religion, when its ok for ppl to find what ever religon they want? If religions can directly contradict each other, how is it ok to be which ever one you want? What if someone were to join a cult that did really bad things but considered it a religion? is it still ok as long as they think that they are doing what God wants?
this is my view on religion. there is no religion that is supreme or that is above any other. i believe that all religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. we are worshipping the same the same being. i dont hold any religion above any other. i am a Catholic, but i dont believe it above any other, but equal.

now that cult thingabout going around and doing bad things is right. as long as people try to live their lives good, then its ok.

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