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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

most all of the stoped terrorist threats were from out side the US, but some like the one in Florida had barely got off the ground.

The fact of the matter is it is now very difficult to get a terrorist into america, give em money, keep in communication with them, and carry out a coordinated attack that kills more than 10 ppl. The fact is that 40,000ish ppl die in trafic accidents every year, 1000 ppl getting killed by terrorists a year in the US will only shut down the borders a lot faster and then getting ppl in will really be a chalange, so they go for big dammge and canage with few ppl, like september 11th, madrid train bombings, London Bus bobming and so forth. Its all a bout the fear factor,

O SHIT IF 20 ppl can kill 3000 then how many will 5000 kill???
5000*75(half the ration of 9/11(the attack, not 9 11ths))=375,000 o shit were all going to die.

but they really can't get that many "good" attacks off, and belive me, they are trying.
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