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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

people need to find their own religion in their own way
redcar, is this to say that there is no "right" religion? how could u belive that God truley will love you and send you to heaven if you follow by one religion, when its ok for ppl to find what ever religon they want? If religions can directly contradict each other, how is it ok to be which ever one you want? What if someone were to join a cult that did really bad things but considered it a religion? is it still ok as long as they think that they are doing what God wants?

But some books, like the ones that tell stories, and the ones about law, when I read them, it feels to me like a bunch of crock.
Ok you just admited that most of the "laws" in the bible you feel are crap, so what in the hell are you following? You also don't think that most of the stories are true, so......

Since you are a christian Il assume that you belive that Jesus came, but thats a story in the bible to, what makes that true and most of the others wrong? There really isn't a good awnser for this question IMO, but u will say faith as you have said before in this thread.

I think that blind faith is probly the worst thing to rationalize with EVER. Cuz according to blind faith the suicide bombers are only doing what they belive is right, Women who cheat on their husbands should be killed, all women should wear Burquas, and if its in your religion you can't really be held accountable for any of it.

CALL IT FAITH, even when you admit that the bible has been tampered with, you still probly belive parts of it that weren't "directly inspired by god" (sounds like an excuse to me)

WTF kind of a God do most christians belive in? (i was raised catholic so i know a thing or to im not just ignorant) What kind of Dumb ass god would let humans fuck around and ultumately decide what was to go into the bible??? this makes no sense. Plus why would what God "inspired" or how ever you belive the bible was writen, directly contradict it self

-a good example is the stoning of the adultress, Jesus just came along and changed the rules on every one, so did what God wanted change? did he let humans change what he wanted? Why wouldn't he have just made a stone clad directly for the mouth of GOD bible? well he tried with moses and the ten commandments (stone clad lol), but no one agrees with Moses law anymore, but it was Gods will a few thousand years ago.

Every time something is found at fault in the bible christians make an excuse for it, they either say o the stories aren't means to be taken litteraly, the laws aren't meant to be taken literaly, really nothing is litteral, it was writen by humans so it isn't perfect, times have changed, BLA BLA BLA.... but o JESUS REALLY CAME u ask why? and they say cuz i belive the bible o thats great.

The last thing that pisses me off to no end is when christians say that God works miracles every day(or as infrequently as you belive), praying to the saints may get u a miracle (if ur catholic), "we rely on the constant intersesion of god". God sent his only son down to earth to die for us, and BLA BLA BLA

-but when i ask why God doesn't come down from the clouds on a blazing chariot of holiness and tell ppl, "hey man im the real deal" so that we can all belive in him theologans say well you need faith, and God can't just do miracles when ever he wants. HEY wait there just a minute, I thought that he was the all powerfull creator of the universe, father (or creator or = part in the trinity) with jeusus.

Why don't you take your faith and shove it up your ass, cuz u and i can use it to justify what ever the hell we want (even the existince of hell)

really we should just cut out all of the parts in the bible that we don't like so we can all justify our beliefs with it, were not to far away from the right now in this day and age.
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