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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
You know you still dont get my point if there are thought to be 5000 agents in USA and you think like 200 they wouldnt have to get in the border they could do much worse than Pearl Harbor.. But instead a huge attack only happens when the government gains political influence by it occuring. Of course you still dont see your logic cuz in your head simply everyone who doesnt agree with you is wrong. And no I wouldnt support the war with terrorism if my family member wouldve died there. I wouldnt follow a mass of hate and a government that belives the best solution is always to give someone else the weapons so they could kill them or better yet kill it yourself. And if youd look at history youd perhaps realize why the fuck do all the muslims hate Israel. And what the Iran president has said. Well its simply let me give you an example I will say I will kill you if you dont shut up but that doesnt mean il kill you all that means is I am trying to get you to shut up. And why would Iran fire a nuke at Israel all it would mean is that theyd be attacked by the good ol USA. And yes the last line in my previous post was very needed.
You do know we have stoped over 50 I say again 50 terrorist attacks on U.S soil. Ok dude are you from a diffrent country because I cant understand ANYTHING you are saying either its your logic or you sentence structure. Now Isreal once did give back the gaza strip well guess what right when they gave it back terrorists launched rockets from it! If you cant see that Iran hates isreal because their leader is a religious fanatic that governerns the whole country and controls everything, then there is somthing wrong with you.
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