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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Ok if there are 5000 ppl in the USA trying to kill us how have there not been any domestic terrorist attacks in the last five years? You don't think that even one of the ppl would have done something news worthy?

and Kolte
There is never, under any circumstances a reason to kill sombody. Ever.
Theoretical situation that may actualy happen. North Korea get nukes and intercontinental balistic missiles. UN drags its feet and they keep them (NO SUPPRISE THERE) and the Dems in the senate/congress block balistic missile defence so if N korean launches the nukes they will hit us.
-OK now North Korea Launches a nuke and it fails but we do know that it was intended to blowup a large city, do u blow up the nuke launching places in North Korea? (thus killing innocents)
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