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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

No but really Panic (the SN), how do you decide what is just crock that got put in there and what isn't? It seems to me that how ppl determine what the bible really means just changes to bend what ever ppl want to belive or what they have reasoned form nonbiblical sourses.

Throughout history biblical interperitation changes and then becomes religious "law". i mean.....
-1000+ years ago the bible "said" that the sun rotated around the world, this was from the story where God makes the sun stops rotating around the earth so the day lasts longer.
-300 years ago the bible said that God made man exactly how he is right now, now the church (catholic) supports inteligent design.
-300 years ago The bible said that the earth was created ~300o years ago
-up to from 300-(to now, in some official religious interperitations by christian churches) the bible says that Noah actualy got a boat and put all of the animals on it (how can u possibly claim this, cuz he would have had to go all of the way to undiscovered australia and america(N+S)
-untill not long ago and still today, the bible condems homosexuality for ppl who are agianst it and it doesn't for ppl that are for it, I personaly know many ppl on both sides of this issue and their interperitation oft eh Bible on this nerver fails.
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