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ok, you posted an eight page thing on the inner workings of CA (communist-anarchy) and happened to awnser very few of my questions, but in the process like 22 books were mentioned. i read the thing, so can u awnser there questions directly as i wan't able to tell the awnser from your last post.

and please explain what the governemnt's response to these issues are (listed below)
(ps there are some changes form the last post)

-any kind of crime, is it punnishable? who does the punnishing? and can they be cut off from the resourses of the rest of the community? are there prisons?
-what happens to ppl that choose to be unemployed? how are they punnish, if they are punnished? are they cut off from the resourses of the community? if so isn't labor infact forced? (ps. labor of somesort is basicly forced in capitalism cuz other wise u live on the streets and can't afford to live)
-you say that no one will be forced to work somewhere they don't want to and there is no such thing as wage labor, so who would take the jobs that no one wants like sanitation engineer (garbage man) or sewage treatment? or hard labor? or secretary, janitor, ......(insert many other jobs here). If some one is really bad at their Job, or can't preform it well/at all, are they forced into another job, and can their "pay" be decreased? will there be a job for philosophers/think-tank type ppl?
-will there be entertainers of sorts? pro sports players? or are all non productive jobs cut? if not wouldn't a lot of ppl be in this category as a job? if not just not working at all (refers to an earlier question).
-who makes the laws? who enforces the law? and if a law enforcer didn't agree witht that inparticular law he is enforcing would he be forced to enforce it? in what you posted last time it said that ppl won't be forced in society by laws, but will ther still be laws, im genuinely confused.
-In your post it talked about how the "profits" from each individual idustry would be divided among the workers either equaly or by the difficulty of their job, how does a "bussiniess"(what ever it is in a CA) in a society with no money make a profit?
-Is there state commisioned "marrige"
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