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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
Christianity, to answer your question, is not the words most hated religion.
It’s the world’s most popular lol. I would expect something like the religion
of eating babies to be the most hated, though I don't know of any religion
that advocates such barbarism.

I advocate for peace. Love is my religion. Tolerance, open-mindedness, and
peace are just a few of my personal guidelines of true morality, which,
because of mans individuality, cannot be realized.

Religion; Humph, it’s not something that I’m very fond of. I’ve said some
rather harsh things about it in the past, but given more recent
ideological perspectives, I have decided that:

Though I am against, passionately, all forums of organized religion, I accept,
tolerate, and keep an open mind to them.

Yes Christians, though philosophically peaceful, have been one of the main
drivers of war, genocide, corruption, and oppression in the modern and
pre-modern times.

We should all learn to live as brothers and sisters, regardless of sex, race,
creed, age, ideology, or political affiliation.

Love is my religion – Ziggy Marley
Peace is good and all right up intill you get attacked or someone trys to kill you. "Peace through strengh" Ronald Reagan
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