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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
if you broke into my house, my mother would be safe over 600 miles away. If you were trying to kill her, I would use self defense, but I would not intend to end your life.

But what relevence is that situation?

we are talking about a war that has killed hundrends of thousends of people.
somtimes wars are nessisary. I personaly would rather fight than just sit back and take it. Think of it this way if we didnt invade Iraq the civilian deaths would be MUCH higher under saddam, the way he treated his people and what he did to the kurds. And Afghanistan was pretty self explanitory the terrorists were hiding there under the protection of the taliban. We also took them out and also liberated the people there that were oppresed by the fanatical taliban.
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