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Default Re: SHIT>< i'm fucking stupid.

A) in alberta and BC anyway theyd have no legal authority to search through YOUR bag
and they DEFINATLY have no legal authority to hold you there against your will when you told them you wernt gonna let them look
so when they said "we'll call the cops" if i was you ida said ok go ahead and when you do be sure to mention that your trying to perform an illigal search and are illigally holding me here against my will a malicious act espically considering i've done nothing wrong (u did but at the time they had no proof) as far as writting I love weed thats just ink on a journel that dosent prove u smoke it thats just you using your rights to freedom of expression

B) Hypnotic DAAAAAAAAAM girl
C) THEY TOOK YOUR HYPNOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...oh uh i mean...its cool to stay in school!

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