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Yes i see what your saying, it sounds that way but we dont know if thats the only reason he was dropped and i dont think we should judge someone we dont know because of one action or mistake. Besides if you are right he might need to make the mistake himself (like i did with my girlfriend) too find out what she is really like and that we are only meant to be friends, IF that is the case. I know that if i didnt go and make the mistake it would have bothered me for ages, thinking of the what if's. If i was him id do what i did and go for it, take the risk, make the mistake(if thats whatit is) and learn from it.

Just like i said before ensure you have damage limitation, dont give too much away and dont make a fool of yourself, that is the one thing i did that i wish i didnt, o except for a certain romantic incident but ill not go there.

all d best
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