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so sorry that was so long, was in a bad mood, needed to get sme stuff out in sm way, feeling bit better now, mite try again to see he councellor on weds, but im still worried, was talking to my mum bout stuff and she said to me that when i was smaller i said sme stuff to her about what happened, but she wont tell me what i told her, im reli ondering what i said, so confused bout whats real and whats not, also def have to have a dislexic test, which is gunna cost £250! so i gott save up alot, its gunna take ages, bt, anyone now how to cover cuts without lookin obvious (like plasters) its just i went to low on my arm and i have no tops o cover it, plus no money to buy new tops, all i got is £10 and i owe my dad that, am i stuck in jumpers? cya round ppl xxx
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