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Default Re: Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

Originally Posted by Potterfile1991
1. Roman Catholocism- The absolute worst sect of Christianity in my opinion. They contradict the Scriptures (not like they're as important as some Christians make them out to be, but we'll talk about that later) that they're supposed to be following. In the letter to the Romans, Paul talks about the Pharisees and how they believe, and everyone else thinks, that they're the spiritual leaders because they follow everything by the prostitute or a murderer. Plus, the Pope said that "God told him to invade the Holy Lands" and thus the Crusades began, and millions of Europeans died for not really anything in particular. And why do priests always get charged for molestation of young boys? I'm sorry if you're Catholic- I'm not attacking you personally. And if you're getting offended, I'm sorry, but getting offended is the beauty of living in a free country.
as a Catholic i resent that statement. esspecially the part of the priests molesting boys. granted there were some priests who did it, just like there are countless of other sick people out there who do that to children. its not just the Catholics, i am sure whatever branch of Christianity your involved in your ministers are not all saints.

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