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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

As I recall Phantom you said in a post something like this ,, And in return for helping them shouldnt we get some top right oil deals with them ''

Also why do you think the Iran would fire a nuke at Israel? Simply because they hate Israel and now even more nations hate Israel after the 'Attack on Hezbollah' and if they get captured when they run away how would they get captured when the leaflets are dropped ( WHEN THERE IS NO ISRAEL TROOPS IN THE COUNTRY )

Also if the terrorists realy meant what they were doing why wont they find one of the good ol KGB nukes in USA? Or buy one I am sure surten non governmental groups have some KGB ,, Briefcase nukes '' and see I have a thought if I was a terrorist and id have lets say 5000 ppl in the US
Who agreed with me why wont we all just get a gun walk in a Government institution and blow as many ppl away as possible? Instead of making stupid bombard attacks which mostly fail because we try to get 2000 tons of TNT in the country with briefcases lol.. No rather buy a gun anyone can get one in America! Walk in a damn government institution and blast a some heads and later take responsibility 5000 ppl with guns who walk in mostly in different places im sure they could kill atleast 2 ppl each.. I have tons of more theories what the terrorists could do but for some reason their never doing them.. Now you can try and think yourself for a change

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