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Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
Is that euros or pounds? Looks fairly good, spend a good 70 euros, 50 pounds, you could get a better one, I don't know what your budget is though.
Wow.. i was wrting a reply to this a feww hours ago on my laptop and got a BSOD!! then nothing... i found out it was the ram so i took that out and its ok again now (running on built-in memory)

anyway.. my budget is £50 max inc. vat. and i want 3 ram slots, AGP grapics usb 2.0 SATA sand socked 754 AMD.

i already have an AMD Sempron 2800+ so im limited to that socket.

thanks guys, ill keep looking

my dad thinks my laptop is still broken so i cam just put the crapped ram back in and hope he gets me a new one cos this is 4 years old now lol
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