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I think every1 in every country should learn 1 extra language besides their homelanguage which everyone would learn this would break a few diplomatic language barriers. I dont agree that we should all speak 1 language and lose all the old Barbarian languages Spanish, Italian, France, German and all those cuz there like a heritage it would be helpful and more comfortable if every1 would speak 1 language internationaly and in homely they all speak their homelanguage ( I hope you catched my drift through the horribly written throught )
i disagree. i think having different languages is good because it diversifies the world. i would much rather have the seperations of language, that God created, then have robots. Diversity is amazing good for a population, as preached in Biology and many other science classes. I also dont think Spanish is a barbaric language, because that word derives from Greek times, and shows cultural and mental inferiorities and it basically says that they are not "civilized". Trust me, that is not the word to use. I think u meant to say "older" or "outdated" languages.

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