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Default Yes! Yes! YES! *party* !

OMG, the girl from my last thread, she was at the football game tonight, and my friend was like, go ask her, go ask her.

So we went and sat by her and her friend and I said hi, and she was like Hi.

Through the whole game he kept bugging me "Ask her now! Do it now!" the WHOLE game.

My chest was beating so hard, I was shaking like mad, and it was not only becuase of the cold. I kept trying to do it, and then, when there was only 2 minutes left in the game, I did it.

I leaned over and said, "So do you have a date for homecoming yet?"
She said "No, do you?"
Then I kinda looked at her for a minute, and this is what was going though my mind:
Oh My God! I cant do it!
Youve gone this far, do it shithead!
Ooooh im afriad!
Say it f*cker!

And then, I said,
"Soooo, do you want to go with me?"
and she said
"Yeah that would be awesome, Ill have to check to see if i have anything that weekend, but yeah that would be great."


I couldn't believe it! My first shot at ever asking a girl out and she said yes. I was so overwhelmed. I couldnt believe it was that easy.
It felt like a dream, like something like that could never actually happen to me.

And I have my friend to thank, for bugging me and threatening to hold it against me forever if I didnt ask her. lol

Well thank you all for encouraging me, that was so amazing... just.. wow.
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