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Default Christianity- The world's most hated religion??(discuss)

I am a Christian am angered that my religion has been despised for a long time now. At my church, they showed us a video asking people on the street what they think of when they hear "Jesus Christ". A few people said "fictional" but others said things like "spiritual leader," "savior", "cool guy", "love", and "God," etc. Then they asked them what they thought of when they heard "Christianity." People gave answers like "cult," "bad," "annoying," "hatred", "intolerance," etc.

What happened, Christians??

Well, let's go back to the beginning:

1. Roman Catholocism- Ever since I stopped going to Roman Catholic mass and went to a contemporary church I've noticed a bunch of things which I think that Roman Catholocism does wrong. Like everything being like a ceremony, the same every Sunday. Whenever I left mass, I didn't feel any closer to God or anything, I was just thinking about lunch. Also, I do respect the Pope and all, but I don't think that a religion needs a powerful spiritual leader that lives in a big fancy city, especially not Christianity. Christianity was meant to be a religion that basically involved you and God one-on-one. I think worship is good, but a long boring service shouldn't be the only way that you communicate with God.

2. Over-dependency on the Bible/scriptures. Keep in mind, zealots- They're only really old documents! Besides, in the Dark Ages, our good old friend, the Roman Catholic church, changed many many things in the Bible. Also, people are against things because the Bible "has some passage somewhere against it" but they've never actually looked through their Bible and read it there. Take, for example, the passage against homosexuality in Leviticus. First of all, Moses probably wrote it in there because it was his own personal beliefs. Homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals because gays can't help their sexuality, and why would God create gay people if it was a sin to be gay? Second of all, the passage said that gay people should be killed, which we now know is unnacceptable. Plus, Jesus kind of cancelled out the word of Moses when he was at the stoning of the prostitute, and said "Let he who is without sin throw the first stone". We can't condemn anyone, we are all sinful, no sin is greater than any other sins, so we should worry about our own faults before declaring to the gay person that God hates them.

Remember, it isn't God's word, it's man's word, and humans are greedy little twits.

3. Judgmentalism- Again, Christians seem to have been gaining a "holier-than-thou" attitude, making them think that they can point out the non-Christians faults. Puh-LEASE, Christians, you aren't better people than them because you have a good church attendance record. Keep in mind that you're just as bad as they are, you're just too high on your own ego to see it.

Yes, I think that trying to teach non-Christians about Jesus is good, but you have to do it non-evasively, don't make the other person uncomfortable, and let them decide for themselves if they wanna be Christians.

Well, I've said my part for now. So discuss.

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