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That is a question with an answer you have just explained. I no myself how hard that can be, ias in a similar situation where i had been rejected by this girl and six months lata wen she was with a frend of mine, we became rely close and we were talkin and she sed she had got som1 new into her head and i said d u mind if i gues who it is, so i said me and she sed yea. So wat im sayin is do it casual.
Now im back in ur position again except this time its with a guy who i have been very close friends with for nearly a year now and i have deeper feelings for him and i want to be with him but im only 90% sure he feels the same and i am not prepared to risk what i have with him. When we look into each oters eyes it is like we are locked together and for me it is like we r the only 2ppl there and he keeps foning me and i flirt with him a bit (but its only borderline if u get me), i try and drop hints for him to make a move, like holding onto his hips when i need to squeze past him or when i tap him on the shoulder i stroke my hand off him down his back, when i wanted him to come on a ride with me i gently grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me(dint work coz he was too scared) but all those physical contact things i do, he just doesnt complain or even flinch, then again he shows no enjoyment or want for anymore. I think i might love him

anyway sorry bout my ramble, i think what you need to do is a bit of risk assesment ie think about whether its worth risk or not and if it isnt then you need damage limitation, ie when ur telling her dont give away too much on how u feel, be brief and vague incase she ses no, to save u the embarasment

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