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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

I basicly agree with Phantom

An eye for an eye and the world goes blind
maybe, but if some one is allowed to run around and kill every body every body will be dead, cept the killer(s). And NEWS FLASH the Fundamental Islamic Terrorists that belive that we are infidels that need to die are trying to kill us. Don't try ur sadaam didn't support al queda crap b/c theres proof that he let them get medical attention there, pay families $ if there son/daughter was a suicide bomber, and Al Queda isn't the only terririst organization out there. Plus al queda leaders have been captured in Iraq.
The only true war that exists in our age is Economical, political war
If political "war" won't be backed up by physical war (think U.N.) then why would any body negotiate with anyone besides trade?

Also why would you drop leaflets in an area where your bombing some1 who is hiding.. Do you see logic in it?
U drop the leaflest BEFORE u drop bombs. Plus the intention of war isn't to kill innocents, plus after you drop the leaflets, the terrorists (like hezbola) will still hide with the civilians,and many times force the civilians to comply.

Good question right here,
-If some one is attacking you do you defend your self/nation?
-If Iran getts a nuke, and is going to launch it at Isreal (the president has repeatedly said that isereal whould/will be wiped off the map, with force) do you percision bobm the nuke before it is launched? what if they are launching them at ur house? Go try and reason with Hadimniijad (i think thats his name) hes really reasonanable, he does things like make western words illegal to use, and bann george michals and Eagles beats from Iran (sounds like Taliban rules to me) (think hooded women)
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