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Default Re: Have any of you ever been cheated on with 1 of your best friends?

Originally Posted by mr_smite1 View Post
he does mind, on msn she basically sed she loved me and tht she would give him up for me. But i sed no. Now luke has started to tell people i forced myself upon her and ried 2 kiss her, he has also delted me from her conact book and forbode me 2 contact her in any way. I was finally having a good frienship with a girl, and now it is spoilt

well u cnt blame me 4 that n if people ask...i am only going to tell the truth...and it turns out 2 be a lil more than ass groping...what he actually did was put his arm around her n move it 2 her ass...then wit his other his way up her leg...up 2 her (u kno) n she moved it...shortly after...he tried again and she removed it again but still let him feel her ass...later when they were outside sitting by the tennis court...he leant in to kiss her and she moved away but i was told by my gf that that happened just before i came to meet them and none of them told me...anyway...turns out she said that she loved him on msn a day or 2 later but i still need 2 check up on how she would give me up 4 him...I seriously am disappointed in smite and cnt believe he wud do it...and do you blame me for asking her to delete your addy...anyway, how do you know about that, robin? take it you have spoken to her since the unfortunate incident you have landed yourself in...i thought i can get on with my life with stacey...but if i find out that she was willing to leave me for u...then i will come down on you both like a tonne of bricks and mine n stacey's relationship will be at ur fault so b prepared 2 suffer the consequences as you have made your first real mistake
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