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The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man
From Koltes earlier post.

ok so there is no money right? then how did you come up with
(look for the underlines)
anarchists use the term, workers' self-management/control means collective worker ownership, control and self-management of all aspects of production and distribution. This is achieved through participatory-democratic workers' assemblies, councils and federations, in both agriculture and industry. These bodies would perform all the functions formerly reserved for capitalist owners, managers. executives and financiers where these activities actually related to productive activity rather than the needs to maximize minority profits and power. These workplace assemblies will be complemented by people's financial institutions or federations of syndicates which perform all functions formerly reserved for capitalist owners, executives, and financiers in terms of allocating investment funds or resources.
If there is to be no money or buying or selling, how are there
-financial institutions?
-and funds to be invested?

keep in mind that money is money wether it is virtual, physical, or just writen down somewhere.

and please explain what the governemnt's response to these issues are (listed below)
-any kind of crime, is it punnishable? who does the punnishing? and can they be cut off from the resourses of the rest of the community? are there prisons?
-what happens to ppl that choose to be unemployed? how are they punnish, if they are punnished? are they cut off from the resourses of the community? if so isn't labor infact forced? (ps. labor of somesort is basicly forced in capitalism cuz other wise u live on the streets and can't afford to live)
-you say that no one will be forced to work somewhere they don't want to and there is no such thing as wage labor, so who would take the jobs that no one wants like sanitation engineer (garbage man) or sewage treatment? or hard labor? or secretary, janitor, ......(insert many other jobs here). If some one is really bad at their Job, or can't preform it well/at all, are they forced into another job? wil there be a job for philosophers/think-tank type things?
-will there be entertainers of sorts? pro sports players? or are all non productive jobs cut? if not wouldn't a lot of ppl be in this category as a job? if not just not working at all (refers to an earlier question).
-who makes the laws? who enforces the law? and if a law enforcer didn't agree witht that inparticular law he is enforcing would he be forced to enforce it?
-lastly, if every thing is basicly decided by every one, and no one has desicion making power over anyone else, wouldn't that make everything outrageously inefficient?

please awnser the preceeding questions, Capitalism has an awnser for all of em, and it still functions. That is why i like capitalism, in my opinion it is the lesser of all evils that are governments.

By capitalism i mean democratic republic (what the USA is)

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