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Default SHIT>< i'm fucking stupid.

i dont know if you want to move this to the drug forum, but this is sure fuckign making me depressed so heres what happened.

today i got suspended for having alchohal in my bag, i know, stupid, but they thing is, i didnt BRING alchohal to school, i was on my way home in period three when at teh subway station teh hall moniter catches me and take me to the office, where they ask me to empty my bag, i told them to fuck off this is my property adn they said they'll call the cops, so i said i'm leavign but the hall moniter blocks the door, so they made me empty my bag. inside is, some school work, my pipe, my journal that says i love weed all over it (so what? i'm allowed to write whatever i want on my own fucking journal) and a micky of smirnoff and a micky of hypnotic (FUCKIGN EXSPENSIVE), so they TOOK ALL OF MY FUICKING alchohal that was for a party tonite, and called my dad and i'm probably going to get kicked out of my house, and when i go back to school for the meeting with my dad and my vp, shes goign to show him my journal which she took from me, which is TOTALLY UNFAIR, becuase its mine and i'm allowed to write what ever the fuck i want on it.

yea i did a lot of stupid things but i think its unfair they wouldnt let me leave when i told them i was going to switch schools so i'm not opening my bag, i think it was STUPID that tehy took my journal and are going to show it to my dad, and i think its FUCKING STUPID that they even took me From teh subway stop to the school in teh first place.

FUCK i fucking ruined everything.

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