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Default Re: Political poll

Take this quiz!

This was an american quiz
but it still pegged me right for the most part

I'm a conservative I voted for Harper because the Liberals in Canada are EXTREMLY corupt
like EXTREMLY corupt
The NDP will never be voted in and even if they are Canada would be thrown into severe dept overnight
Which would suck cause as a country we have zero dept and I like it that way
I'm impressed with Harper I like that were working on US relations, strengthening our military, playing a bigger international role, strengthening our northern boarder, lowering GST, etc....

The only thing i really dont like is I think Harper wants to get rid of gay marriage
I'm not gay so it wont effect me really but Canadas a free country based on understanding and equality
everyone should have the same rights
If they want to get married and be misserable for the rest of there life like the rest of us then they should be allowed to

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