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Originally Posted by kolte View Post
You will not bore me kolte. I understand this it is an unfortunate byproduct of capitialism, think of it this way without capitalism you wouldnt have your computer that you are on your house or even a pencil, you know why because no one on the face of the planet is able you produce these products the tools to make them or the labor requiered to make them alone. Corportations can be corupt I understand that, thats why we have minimum wages which is still not enough I understand where you are coming from though. Corporations the workers unite they get supplys from all over the world and are able to make such advanced products like computers. Even the common pencil has supplys and parts From more than 8 diffent places in the world! no single person on the face of the planet could even manufacture a pencil alone or without a corporation with vast resources. - Phantom

What is it that you think I'm talking about here. Its not going to be a primitive world were we live in the woods and have sex with trees, and unforunatly I think this is what you invision. This is NOT what I'm talking about, and has not ever been when I'm thinking about. That would be awful. You see:

As anarchists use the term, workers' self-management/control means collective worker ownership, control and self-management of all aspects of production and distribution. This is achieved through participatory-democratic workers' assemblies, councils and federations, in both agriculture and industry. These bodies would perform all the functions formerly reserved for capitalist owners, managers. executives and financiers where these activities actually related to productive activity rather than the needs to maximize minority profits and power. These workplace assemblies will be complemented by people's financial institutions or federations of syndicates which perform all functions formerly reserved for capitalist owners, executives, and financiers in terms of allocating investment funds or resources.
o sorry I misunderstood. Ok few more questions. 1. what happens if I just walked up to you and killed you, I cant be put in jail because no one is better than me correct. 2. what happens if I walked up to you and took your food right out of your hands, or just followed you around taking anything you get lol. 3. what if U.S turned AC and then we got attacked by say china.
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