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Default Re: communism(discuss)

You will not bore me kolte. I understand this it is an unfortunate byproduct of capitialism, think of it this way without capitalism you wouldnt have your computer that you are on your house or even a pencil, you know why because no one on the face of the planet is able you produce these products the tools to make them or the labor requiered to make them alone. Corportations can be corupt I understand that, thats why we have minimum wages which is still not enough I understand where you are coming from though. Corporations the workers unite they get supplys from all over the world and are able to make such advanced products like computers. Even the common pencil has supplys and parts From more than 8 diffent places in the world! no single person on the face of the planet could even manufacture a pencil alone or without a corporation with vast resources.
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