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Do you honestly think that educated, consenting adults need athoritairan figures keeping them in check.
Yes, i do, lets take a look at some of the pretenses you put in that statment also shall we?

- interesting, u slipped in "consenting". If we lived in an anarchist communist society, when did they get asked wether they wanted to live in a communist anarchy? I assume that ppl would be born into it am i wrong?
-you also put in "educated" when do these ppl get educated in a anarchist communistic society? who pays, oops theres no money i forgot, the teachers to teach? in ur society there can be no education system, plz tell me how, if u plan on having one.

Humans need to constiantly be keeped in check, other wise they will display behavior that isn't predictable. the human (adult or otherwise), by nature is, unless otherwise forced or motivated, a lazy creature.

What need to people have to rule when they are completly free? Yeah, I'm a moderator, i keep the peace, or at least try. But you guys are teenagers, and many of you are much to immature to handle the responsibility of thinking for yoruselves.
Do you think that an adult only board wouldn't need Moderators? cuz i know for a fact they do have them. Are they just wasting their time having a mod? Humans aren't perfect, no matter what age.
"What need to people have to rule when they are completly free?'
(from above)
all ppl want power, power to do things, power to get what you want, and some ppl want complete power over ppl, its becuase they are human.

they would decide on issues
this sounds like democracy to me.... Ps how would thoes desisions be enforced? if there is an "enforcer" wouldn't there have to be some one with power to enforce?

I think You guys and I could live quite peacefully without eachother ruling one another.
On the scale of three ppl who are in my opinion probly rational and will be motivated by their instincts to survive, probly yes. But what happens if we are all working together and i decide that I don't want to work i just want to sit around would you still give me food? shelter? and everything?

now what if it was in the context of a communist anarchist society that had millions of ppl in it, and we all shared resourses, wouldn't ppl just lay back and not do anything and live off of others hard work? would this be motivating for the ppl who are working hard? the reality is that many ppl would do as little work as possible if they gain nothing by doing any work.

There will still be volonteer organizations all over.
I don't think so, why would someone be a teacher, maybe they want to be, but if there aren't enought volenteers then what? who is going to vollenteer to be a sewage plant worker? or a garbage man? or a laboring worker of anykind?
and work as a community to better themselves.
what if ppl don't want to better their comunity? and they just want to use what every one else has bettered for them?

You guys make me laugh talking down communism because its not perfect. capatilism is so much worse then communism when it comes to perfection. And yet you defend it?
I don't dislike communism because it is imperfect (as to imply "perfect capitalism" is better), it as a theoretical model is way better than capitalism. But in the real world, communism wouldn't work because there are too many ppl who try and freeload in a capitalist society, imagine in a communist society where everything is shared.

Also please tell me, how is order kept in ur society? If i want to steal your house from you how will i be stoped?, who will stop me?, and can i be punnished? would there be "laws"?

lastly who would stop me from just freeloading off of every one else?
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